Welcome to MyDNSHost.

Easy DNS Hosting with a comprehensive API and DNSSEC support.

Open Source

All of the code behind the site is available under the MIT License on github if you want to see how it works, run your own instance, or contribute changes/improvements/feature-requests. Development is conducted entirely in the open with no closed-source components.

Github »

Full API Access

Everything can be accessed and modified via a comprehensive JSON-Based REST API, with full documentation and examples. Access can be restricted by API Keys down to individual records for security purposes.

ACME Clients (such as LEGO and acme.sh) for use with services like Let's Encrypt are also supported.

API Documentation »

Shared domains

Easily grant other users read and/or write access to a single domain, without giving them access to all of your other domains. No more account-sharing needed.

Modern Features

All Zones are automatically DNSSEC-signed, and support for modern record types like CAA, SSHFP, TLSA, and SVCB/HTTPS is available as standard.

two-factor authentication is supported for all accounts and statistics on domain queries, Custom Extensions to make management of zones easier are also included.